Why have hair extensions?

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Hair extensions are one of the biggest non cosmetic transformations you can have.

It is amazing what results you can achieve by adding volume, length or colour.

If you struggle to grow your natural hair or maybe grow out that bob that you loved but not hate and are struggling to deal with the awkward length where you are tempted to just get the bob cut back in.

When hair is really fine and needs that extra volume. You do not have to have hair extensions for length. I have clients that use them for volume only. We cut the extensions to the same length as their natural hair.

Hair extensions are a great way to change your look and boost your confidence and it is instant. I have a number of clients who say that having hair extensions has totally changed their lives. The confidence of having gorgeous hair has given them the boost in life that they needed.

Fantastic way of adding high-lights, low lights or flashes of colour without damaging your hair , with bleach and harsh chemicals.

If you are serious about getting hair extensions, this is what we recommend:

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