Hair Extensions in Solihull by Glamour Locks

Glamour Locks are a provider of hair extensions in Solihull. If you are looking to get fabulous hair, then you’ve come to the right place.

We fit Russian Remy and Indian Remy hair extensions, which are probably the best on the market. These are made from 100% human hair and do not require glue, heat or braiding, instead they involve the use of tiny tips, which cause no damage to the hair and can easily be removed and refitted as new, several times per year. The tiny connections allow for a flawless, undetectable result.  The locks sit flat against your head, making these the most comfortable extensions available to date.

If your goal is to have stunning hair extensions, this is what we recommend you do:

  1. Check out our gallery and 5 star client reviews
  2. Check out the different prices for both the Russian Remy and Indian Remy extensions
  3. Book your free consultation

We use the same popular hair extension brand as celebrities have fitted but they come at a fraction the cost. Unlike other brands, they also allow you to grow out your existing hair style without the worry of damaging your hair.

Our client reviews suggest we may offer the best hair extensions in Solihull, this is because the hair we use is beautiful double drawn Remy extensions, available in colours designed to match your existing hair.  We also offer excellent after care, ensuring your hair extensions last and you get great value. We have clients in Solihull that have been wearing the same set of hair extensions for 12 months.

Our aim is provide you stunning hair without the high maintenance and damage. We have been fitting and wearing hair extensions for 8 years and we find that with my aftercare plan wearing extensions for us is less maintenance than without them.

Hair Extensions – Price Comparison for Solihull

We have been doing my own bit of research into the benefits of having top quality re-usable extensions. We’d like to share our findings with you.

We contacted 25 salons, all were using a cheaper hair extension brand that can only be used once. The average price range for a full head was between £250 and £300. Because of the brands being used, you would need a complete new set of hair extensions fitted every 3 months. Over a 12-month period having a new set of hair extensions fitted every 3 months with our competitors will costs you £1000 (£250 x 4 you would need 4 fittings a year). Where our competitors were charging £300 per set, the cost the cost of hair extensions over a 12-month period is £1200.

Now lets compare Glamour Locks prices

Your initial cost for a full set of hair locks and fitting is £370. You will have your angel locks removed every 3 months and refitted with new tiny tips. We will remove the extensions, reshape the tips and comb each stand through, then we will refit the hair with new locks.

1st fitting including hair £370

Costs after the first fitting: Removal £30 and Reshape tips & refit with new locks £150

So here’s the cost of having AngelsLocks hair extensions fitted over the course of 12 months: £180×3= £540 + £370 (first fitting) = £910

If you have any doubt about why you should choose Glamour Locks over other hair extension providers, then check out our hair extension advice and FAQ’s page. As well as offering hair extensions in Solihull, we also offer a full range of hair extensions in Birmingham.