Hair Extensions Packages and Prices

A few things to consider about our hair extensions, packages and prices. We offer two types of hair, Russian Remy and Indian Remy extensions. Russian Remy are available in 16″ and 20″ strands, whilst the Indian Remy are available in 20″ only. Whether you need 20 inch or 16 Inch Hair Extensions will depend on your existing length of hair and the look you are trying to achieve, this is why we offer a FREE consultation. All hair will be cut to your desired length.

Russian Remy extensions are designed to last 12 months, the Indian Remy extensions will last you 6-9 months. All prices quoted include your first fitting.

During your free consultation you can get to feel and see the difference between the two types.

Here’s what we recommend you do:

  1. Check out the different prices for both the Russian Remy and Indian Remy extensions below
  2. Check out our gallery and client reviews
  3. Book your free consultation here