Care and maintenance of hair extensions

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Certain times of the year our hair grows faster than others, and we also have certain times of the year when we shed more hair than usual.

As the natural hair starts to grow the Hair Extensions bonds become further away from the scalp, this can sometimes make them visible when styling your hair or putting your hair up.

As hair extension specialists in Birmingham, we fully understand that regular maintenance and check ups will help to prevent any matting at the root area and allow the technician to move some of the extensions back up if they are extremely low. Any hair extensions that have fallen out due to natural shedding can also be put back in.

Removing the Hair Extensions every 3 months allows your hair and scalp to be fully checked. Ensures that there is no matting and allows you to have a scalp massage and touch up your colour.

If you are serious about getting hair extensions, this is what we recommend:

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